Account Utility Service (AUS)

Location: /external/readi/services/v1/util.cfc?wsdl

The Account Utility Service allows third party systems to perform utility functions.

methods: verifyConnection

remote xml verifyConnection ( string AccessKey="", string TimeStamp="", string Resource="", string RequestSignature="", string ReturnFormat="xml" )

Output: suppressed
   AccessKey: string, optional, AccessKey - The access key issued by SmarterMeasure
   TimeStamp: string, optional, TimeStamp - The time stamp of the current request
   Resource: string, optional, Resource - The resource being accessed.
   RequestSignature: string, optional, RequestSignature - The request signature that was generated based on the READI integration documentation.
   ReturnFormat: string, optional, ReturnFormat - Only xml is supported at this time.